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Code: EH2478001WHT000
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These wireless Air Buds are the newest trend! There are no cords connecting each earpiece together; they are simply just two earbuds on their own. They can be used together, or at one time. If you want to share with a friend, you can take one earbud and pair it with your phone and your friend can do the same. When using them together, power on one of the buds and pair it with your device and when you power on the second bud, it will automatically pair. Great for listening to music, taking phone calls and more.

SIZE: 2.375" X 1.875" X 1.125"

Additional Information:
Frequency Response - 70-100000Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio - 100dB
Distortion - 40dB+/- 1dB
Battery Capacity for earbuds - 45mAh
Battery Capacity for charging case - 400mAh
Wireless Range - up to 10 meters
Bluetooth Compliant - Bluetooth V5.0

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